Image The ISMMNC is an annual 3-day conference organized by the ISM Ministers Network for ministers all around the world. Thousands of ministers from over 165 countries have participated in the event since inception. These ministers also testify of the tremendous transformational impact the various edition of the ISMMNC have had on their lives and ministries, resulting in growth in their churches, a deeper understanding of the Word of God and much more the empowerment for effectiveness in ministry.

At the conference, ministers receive inspiring teachings and ministration from our man of God, Pastor Chris, as he takes time to impart the knowledge of God’s Word with great demonstrations of the character of the Spirit.
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ISMMN Conference 2018

The 7th edition of the ISMMN Ministers' Conference with Pastor Chris will be holding in Johannesburg, South Africa. The epoch making conference is open to all Senior and Executive Ministers,... Read More

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The Ministers Connect With Pastor Chris

Through the grace given to him of the Lord, the man of God, Pastor Chris provides leadership, nourishment and ministerial support to Pastors and Evangelist.

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How To Attend An ISM Ministers Forum

If you would like to participate in an ISM Forum near you or contact an ISM Cell representative in your country, kindly send an email to info@ismmn.org

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