Getting to the Conference

There will be an Information Stand for delegates arriving South Africa by air. It will be conspicuously present at the arrival wing of the O.R. Tambo International Airport. Our uniformed officials will be on hand to provide you with information and assistance.

For assistance with accommodation arrangements, please send an email to or call +27714608710

If you are coming from outside South Africa in a group, comfortable air-conditioned bus shuttles will be available to assist you upon arrival into Johannesburg from the O.R. Tambo International Airport and our uniformed officials will be available to guide you to your designated shuttle. To this end, kindly provide us with your travel itinerary to enable us make adequate transport arrangements.

Shuttle buses will be available at the hotels close to the Conference venue and also on departure to the airport after the Conference. For delegates residing in Johannesburg, there will be an intra-city bus shuttle to convey people to designated stops nearest to their destination.

Access into the conference is with your ISM Connect App. You are expected to have downloaded the ISM Connect App Android Version or IOS Version onto your mobile device before arrival at the conference venue. Kindly visit the Google Play store or the Apple App store to download the ISM Connect App.

Bus shuttle services will be available to convey delegates from the Healing School Venue to the Connect Center.

While you are advised to bring warm clothing, you are required to dress formally for the Conference. Also, we would like you to come with the traditional attire of your country to showcase at the Conference.

Being in the Southern hemisphere means the seasons in Johannesburg are opposite to those of Europe and North America. Autumn comes in late February and stays till April in Johannesburg. During this season, the rain does not fall regularly. Although it is usually warm in the daytime, it can feel quite chilly during the evening and it is not uncommon to experience freezing temperatures at night. You should come prepared for such fluctuation by bringing suitable clothing for both mild and cold weather.

1. Avoid display of cash in the open.
2. Do not board commercial vehicles at night if you are alone.
3. Avoid walking alone, especially at night.
4. While waiting for commercial vehicles or cars, avoid standing in lonely or dark areas.
5. Ensure you park at designated car park(s) and use shuttle buses provided.
6. Do not park on the road, as vehicles/cars parked on the road will not be attended to, they could also be towed by the Government. agencies and would be released only after a stipulated fine is paid.
7. Ensure that your car doors are always locked when driving.
8. Vehicles will not be allowed to leave the car park until sessions are closed.
9. If your vehicle is hit by a car/motor bike while driving especially at night, it is advised you exercise caution and ignore the offender as it may be a deliberate ploy.
10. Do not leave valuables on display in your car.
11. Do not accept bags from persons you do not know.
12. Avoid picking up strangers at night.
13. Baggage should not be left unattended as such items may be recovered and trashed.
14. Kindly adhere to the instructions and regulations in respect of the conference for security purposes.
15. In the event of any security challenge(s) be calm and do not hesitate to contact the security personnel nearest to you.

How to Apply

To attend any of these sessions, you are required to register by filling the online registration form Note that it is necessary you attach a copy of your photograph to the online form. All completed applications are treated and successful applicants notified via e-mail.