How to Participate


How can I participate in the Conference?

To participate in the 2017 ISMMN Online Conference, you need to first complete the online registration form.

You also would require an Internet enabled computer or mobile device and a high speed Internet (of not less than 1megabyte per second).

What must I do to receive all that God has for me?

1.       Cultivate a strong desire. When God visits you, you will find a strong desire for change. How strong is your desire?
2.       Nourish your strong desire.
3.       Through prayer, call forth your strong desire. Be specific in your prayer and create your new level in ministry using your mind. See the next and higher level of ministry.
4.       Receive the blessing, receive your expectations. At every session, take a hold of your expectations and make them yours.

The greatest part of a Conference is what happens after the Conference.

1.       Be ready to maintain the change that has taken place in your spirit. Learn to retain the instructions and revelations you received from the Holy Spirit. This you can do by immediately going through the thoughts and words you penned down after each session the same day. That way, you are less likely to forget any thought or words you received.
2.       Take action in line with what you have received.
3.       Let your communication reveal your new level.
4.       Seal all that you have received with a special thanksgiving offering.